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Fuel Contaminant Investigation and Corrective Action

NSE's owner, Christine Brown, has participated in the investigation and cleanup of sites impacted by fuel spills since the mid 1980s.  These sites included gasoline service stations, bulk fuel terminals, and refineries.  Her years of experience with fuel releases have involved extensive contact with the California Regional Water Quality Control Boards as well as local regulatory agencies.  NSE has a thorough understanding of the regulations affecting underground storage tank facilities, and has successfully obtained No-Further-Action status for over 100 LUST sites in California.

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Real Estate Due Diligence

Industrial or commercial property has the potential for toxic exposure, particularly if chemicals or fuel have been stored or handled on site.  NSE can assist buyers, sellers, and tenants in determining the environmental liability of such properties.  Through detailed investigation into the present and past use of sites, we can identify potential risks and help our clients make informed decisions and protect themselves from liability for costly environmental problems.  NSE has extensive experience performing Phase I and II Environmental Assessments and Transaction Screening Analyses in accordance with current ASTM standards.

Landfill Compliance

Landfill compliance requires waste characterization, geologic and hydrogeologic site characterization, water and land use research, and the design of groundwater monitoring systems.  We have broad experience with these services, and have also conducted siting studies for landfills and studies related to landfill monitoring and closure.

Landfill Management
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Industrial Compliance Services

NSE provides full service assistance to industrial clients who must comply with a variety of environmental requirements.  We can assist our industrial clients with preparation of Hazardous Materials Management Plans, hazardous waste (RCRA) storage permit applications, facility closure plans, stormwater pollution prevention plans, NPDES (wastewater discharge) and air permit applications, and investigations of soil and groundwater conditions.

Wetlands Assessment and Delineation

Wetland assessment is the gathering and analysis of information needed for wetland decision-making.  NSE is qualified to assess soil conditions, surface and groundwater characteristics, and vegetation to determine whether an area should be classified as a wetland.  We can also help you manage, restore, and protect an existing wetland area.

Wetland Creation
Forest Fire

Wildfire Cleanup Assistance

Losing your home or business to wildfire is a devastating experience.  We can help you with the recovery process.  We understand the published guidance for fire-related debris cleanup, and will assist home and business owners who elect to opt-out of a government-sponsored cleanup program.  NSE can help you select and manage cleanup contractors, obtain permits, conduct soil and debris sampling, and provide the reporting needed to certify your property cleanup and begin to rebuild.

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Additional Services

Geologic and hydrologic assessment

Nonpoint-source pollution studies


Groundwater monitoring

Mine reclamation

Project management